Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 3 - Tough, Tough, Tough

So lottie went back to nursery today which meant I had 5 minutes to myself, well I say to myself but actually I never stopped, the house looks immaculate and I did yet another trip to the tip, where do we get all this junk from!

I also put together Lottie's old cot so that I could photograph it and put it on ebay and that was extremely emotional.  I could picture her so clearly the first time we put her in it and she looked so small and now I don't even think she would fit in it.  Its a very sad time because its like closing the door on my baby days but hey life moves on.

2 breakfast biscuits

2 eggs hard boiled and mashed with mayonnaise
1 slice toast

pork with creme fraiche and mustard sauce
roasted peppers and mushrooms

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