Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 163 - I'm back

A huge apology to anyone who has been looking for my blog for the last week and has found a big empty space, I simply haven't had a minute.  The builders are driving me mad, Lottie has had a stinking cold and things have been stressful at work.  So have I been eating, well, not as badly as you would think and I have actually managed to lose a pound this week.  I am not sure what my blogging is going to be like for the next few days as there is so much happening, but I will do my very best.  We are then away on holiday for 2 weeks from next Saturday, so there may not be much activity then, but hang around I will be back in ernest at the start of July, in time to lose that other 3 stones before the end of the year, well ok make it 2 and then I won't be disappointed.

1 homemade banana muffin

Goats cheese toasted sandwich with rocket salad

2 glasses of wine and a packet of mini cheddars (was too stressed to eat)

I know its not a good eat day, still within points but not healthy, but I am nothing but honest.

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