Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 2 - Still Shocked

Ok woke up, looked in the mirror and had a shock, yep the hair is still short, and to be honest I am not sure whether i like it or not.  I think so but god is it taking some getting used to.

Took Charlotte to get her new ballet uniform, she has outgrown everything over the summer holiday so it was brand new everything.  She loved it and I have to confess so did I, I mean who wouldn't want to see their gorgeous little girl in a new, very pink and very full tutu! I only wish they had one to fit me, actually on second thoughts, its a good job they don't!

very small bowl of cereal and skimmed milk

Half olive ciabatta with 40g of smoked bacon

Pork escalope with creme fraiche and chilli jam
Roasted gnocchi
green beans

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