Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day 4 - shopped so much it hurt!

Decided i needed to get Charlotte some new winter shoes today and then Daddy jumped on the band wagon and asked if I could get him some, so I thought, ok why not turn it into a shopping expedition and head on up to Bicester village, designer heaven!!  So childfree thats exactly what I did, intending to only be a couple of hours, but getting so into it all I stayed all day.  Stopped at Pret a Manger for lunch even though Carluccios was calling to me, and was very, very good despite the goodies tempting me.

It was lovely to be able to walk into the designer stores and now find clothes that fit, which I haven't been able to do for years, (Paul is groaning at the thought).  I think I must have a very understanding husband as when I phoned him to ask was £xxxx too much to spend on an everyday handbag, he simply said "not if you like it" how cool is that?  In the end though i put my sensible head back on and realised very pale suede was not the most practical and would be covered in sticky handprints (mine) within days, so it lives on the shelf in the shop for another day.
I did however manage to get all the shoes required, some gorgeous clothes for Lottie, and I even snuck in a new throw for the bedroom (not sure Paul is happy about that one)

2 breakfast biscuits

Tuna nicoise salad
salted popcorn
skinny latte

crab with spaghetti and lemon juice
fresh pineapple

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