Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 2 - hurrahhh another day

Ok I faced up to a few home truths today, I reset my actual weight on the weightwatchers online programme which reset my total weight loss and now it doesn't look so good.  I also went onto the forums and chatted to a few people who started losing weight at the same time as me, one of which has managed to lose 6 stone in 10 months, whereas I have now only done 2, oh well, I feel better now that is all out of the way, and can only look upon this as a new start, even if it is third time lucky!

Had a bit of a stressful day and could very easily have reached for the wine, but I DIDN'T

2 ww cereal bars

Tortilla wrap with rocket and 2 slices of salami
3 breadsticks

grilled salmon
corn on the cob
roasted squash

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