Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 75 - My Lovely Husband

Ok sometimes I am fiesty sometimes I am bossy, but just sometimes (although not often) my husband gets the upper hand, and this morning he told me we were going to buy a new car whether I liked it or not as he was bored of my indecision.  Ohhhh how masterful was that.  So here we go, my new car, or this looks like it, mine is only a couple of years old, but couldn't find another picture.  God its fab, love it, love it, love it.

Did some gardening this afternoon, but am shattered after having yet another night of only 3 hours sleep, Lottie has a nasty cold and has been sleeping badly all week so we are both exhausted.  Oh well I am on cloud nine about the car so will cope with it.

Saw the most amazing moon tonight, apparently a super moon and only happens once every 20 years, but its huge!

Crumpet with marmite

Buttternut squash soup and 1 slice bread

Plaice, roasted gnocchi and peas
2 glasses of wine
1 funsize caramel

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