Saturday, 26 March 2011

Day 82 - Dedication!

Ok so may be on holiday but amazingly still staying dedicated to the cause.  However I am sure I could get away with eating a few more points as today I have:

Cycled 3 miles
Walked 2 miles
Danced for an hour at ballet
Swam for 2 hours

Am totally exhausted!  Having a brilliant time though, so lovely to see family and watch all the children playing so happily together.  Even managed to go the pancake house today and rather than (as I did last time) have a wonderful savoury cheese pancake and then a chocolate filled one, I had an omlette with vegetables and no cheese, I pretended it was lovely when actually it was really dull, but hey ho no one got slim having fun!!!

strawberries and pear

Omlette with vegetables

Fish pie
2 glasses of wine.

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