Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 76 - The Good life

Decided to spend the day gardening, but first took Lottie to Sunday school.  Our Sunday school is held in church and is really sweet they get the children really involved in the service and they all come up to be blessed during communion, which Lottie thinks is very funny.  She kept asking when the man in the dress was going to pat her on the head!  Then when he was pouring the wine, she asked what he was doing, and when I said he was just having a drink of wine, she said (and very loudly) just like you Mummy, thats your favourite !!! lol, thankfully no one near us heard.

Spent the rest of the day in the garden planting all our vegetables and salad greens, we are going to be so healthy if it all comes up.

Crumpet with marmite

slice wholemeal toast with 2 turkey rashers and an egg (healthy fry up)
Strawberries and a meringue nest

Turkey and mushrooms with teriyaki sauce
Roasted butternut squash
Glass of wine

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