Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 84 - No Way.................

As I have only just got back from holiday and even though I took my wii with me so that I could weigh in we couldn't connect it to the TV so I couldn't weigh in this morning, and definitely don't want to do it now as I know you weigh heavier in the evening and don't want a nasty shock.  I sneak peeked on Thursday before i went and had lost 2 pounds so that is what I would like to think has come off this week. however I will have to wait until next Monday to find out.  Today was not brilliant for eating as I decided that after 3 solid months I would actually have another half day off, but am being honest about what I have eaten, and know I will be back on the straight and narrow tomorrow.  Also walked lots, played golf and was really active today so hopefully it will be ok anyway.   Even though I decided to relax I couldn't believe my self control as Lottie wanted some sweeties and as she hadn't had any on holiday I thought she could have a treat and go into the giant sweet shop at center parcs and have what she wanted to choose and I would do the same.  Well she came out with a small bag of pick and mix and I came out with ....................................... nothing, thats right NOTHING, i looked at lots of things and just didn't fancy anything at all, not even marzipan or fudge, my all time faves, I guess I really have changed.

So my relax day looked like this

1 crumpet with light butter

mushroom pizza - thin base
4 olives

1/2 portion of Paul's chips in a bread roll - very yum and just what I needed to continue on my health eat for another 3 months without a break.

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