Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 85 - Back in the saddle again!!

Had a great day and was actually really pleased to be back eating healthily, certainly felt a lot better. Was busy running around trying to tidy up from holiday, sort out getting new car tomorrow, do some shopping, shuttle Lottie to ballet, and then be her personal chef!  For her tea she demanded fried egg on wholemeal toast, but when I made her the first one and she popped the yolk she burst into tears and demanded I put it back together.  When I said I couldn't she broke her little heart and so I had to make her another with the yolk intact!  The things you do for love!

1 weetabix and skimmed milk

Prawn dumplings
Toffee yoghurt

Homemade turkey and sage burger
Butternut squash
1 pear

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