Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day 121 - How Many Clothes

Oh god the great loft clearance continues, and I have no idea how I managed to accumulate so many clothes, I mean does one woman actually need 25 pairs of trousers and 46 shirts/blouses?????  I have thrown away anything that is remotely too big, so that's it, decision made, I can't possibly put any weight back on because I will have absolutely nothing to wear.  I have thrown away four bin bags worth of clothes, have to start on the shoes and handbags next and I know at last count I had 72 pairs of shoes and 30 handbags, so its going to be painful!

All this activity is great though, I already feel slightly slimmer so hopefully have made some inroads into my easter gain.

2 breakfast biscuits

butternut squash soup
Flour tortilla with low fat cheese and chilli jam

Chicken wrapped in parma ham
roasted gnocchi

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  1. You have more shoes in your loft than I have had in the last 30 years lol it's great throwing stuff out! I found a thermal top I bought in Scotland when we went shopping and it was way to small could not even get it on! Well I found it in an old suitcase and am wearing it now lol only about 6 yrs later , we'll get there :) x