Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 142 - Arrrrrggghhh

Had a very stressful day at work today, trying to wade my way through pharmaceutical compliance records when the clients we are representing don't even know what their delegates names are let alone their ID numbers or heaven forbid what flight they might actually want to get to the event!  I give up.

Came home and walked into what effectively was my very own ash cloud.  Yes the builders had decided today was the day to knock the wall down to make room for the new stairs, god the mess is horrible.  This nearly drove me to pig out until I stopped and realised that stress eating is not the way to lose weight!  So I got a cloth and the hoover and set to work, will have to do it all again tomorrow but oh well!

3 belvita biscuits

chicken breast grilled on salad of rocket, green beans and asparagus
2 breadsticks

Lemon sole fillet
Yoghurt and grapes

1 comment:

  1. I would buy a cheap vacuum cleaner so you don't wreck your good one with building material x x