Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 125 - Loft Finally Empty

Hurrahhhhh after a weekend of running up and down stairs and loft ladders, of shifting endless black bin bags of clothes that will either never fit or are so totally out of fashion they should have been binned years ago, the loft is now empty.  Paul and I and even Lottie are totally exhausted, Lottie even asked if she could go to bed tonight which is unheard of.

I am very excited now about the building work, ask me again in a week and I may not be, but knowing that our house is growing is really quite cool.  What is totally totally cool though, is that I can have a shoe and bag store made for me by our carpenter!!! Sex and the City has nothing on me!!!

Well its weigh day tomorrow so please keep your fingers crossed for me, I've been a good girl, honest.

1 breakfast biscuit

1 slice toast with low fat cheese and sweet chilli

homemade turkey burger with sweet potato
Curly wurly

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