Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 122 - still so much to do

Ok we are slowly making in roads into the loft, but god still so much to do, I am panicking a bit but thankfully lovely husband is calming me down and telling me we can either take everything to the tip, or not have a new bedroom!!! arrrggghhh

I know if I hadn't worked this week it would have been easier, but I have a really great client and want to keep in with them.  Also this client has two of my WW friends working in their office and we always have a good catch up and mutual motivation session.  Today we were all talking about the binge gene and whether it would ever be possible to just eat one biscuit or piece of chocolate without wishing to eat the lot and then some!!

2 breakfast biscuits

rocket and cucumber salad with tuna and mayo
4 breadsticks

Tesco light linguine with prawns
2 WW ginger biscuits

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