Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 136 - Planning

It is true what they say about planning, because today I had a great day all day, was mad busy at work and didn't feel hungry once.  However when I got home I realised I had not thought about what I was going to have for dinner and I was really hungry.  I walked round the kitchen opening fridges, freezers and cupboards and although they were all full, I kept saying to myself "oh I have nothing in, I will have to order takeaway" there then followed a frustrated Alison walking out of the kitchen saying "oh no you wont" before walking back in again and starting the cycle all over again. To make matters worse I knew Paul was going out, and so I could just treat myself and not have to worry about cooking for him!  arrrrrgggghhhhhh.  I decided I would treat myself to a small glass of wine, oooohhhh nooo this only made things worse.  I extracted the takeaway menu from my hand, and put an egg whisk in it, an omlette would work!  Have to say it was lovely, I ate it and as I knew I was struggling, came upstairs to bed so I could not hear the dairy milk bar calling to me from the fridge.  Hurrah I resisted temptation!

3 Belvita breakfast biscuits

Wrap with chicken and rocket
French fry crisps

Omlette with chicken, mushrooms and 1 leerdammer light cheese slice
glass of wine

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  1. oooh well done, I'm struggling with my will power this week - not breaking it but feel like it - so well done you - it's bloody hard work this - keep thinking of next year... xx