Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day 134 - Feeling Good

You know there are some days when you just wake up feeling good, well today was one of them and lasted until I shouted at a woman in Sainsbury's car park for parking in a parent and child space with no children.  Had a busy day with Lottie but we had a lot of fun, she is such a helpful little girly it really is fab when she is in a good mood!

Had lots of deliveries for the new bathroom today so I thought I would venture into the loft to see how things are progressing, its looking good but feels a little small, there may not be room for Paul, Me and all my shoes, oh well I guess there is always the shed!! lol

2 breakfast biscuits

Chicken and sweetcorn soup
Walkers french fry crisps
Rich tea biscuit

Homemade turkey and sage burger
Gnocchi, green beans and asparagus

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