Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 131- Brother Loves Travelling Salvation Show

Having a brilliant weekend with Mum and Tom being over, Lottie is loving every minute of being spoilt by her Grandparents and I am just loving spending time with Mum.

Today Paul and I managed to escape for an hour to go and choose some tiles and a basin for the ensuite, I am sooooo excited about how things are shaping up.  The dormer has not been put into the roof so you can see how big the room is going to be and its looking great.

We all went out for lunch and although I blew 23 points on a pizza I decided that it was worth it and just didn't eat anything else for the day so it still stuck within my daily allowance.

Mum and I went out at night to see the Brother Loves Travelling Salvation show, which will mean absolutely nothing to any non Neil Diamond fans.  It was a tribute from Brian Connolly and Darren Day to the great man (no he's not dead) and it was done with a west end feel, but in a circus big top.  Absolutely amazing, we danced all night so must have jiggled off a few calories too!

Crumpet with marmite

Funghi Pizza
10 olives

2 breadsticks
1 satsuma

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