Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Day 100 - wow 100 Days!!!!

Can't believe that today is my 100th day on plan, I have never ever stuck at anything this long before and I am so so proud.  How did I celebrate????  I spent 90 minutes slogging it out in the gym and now I can hardly move, I was running so fast and hard that my phone shot off the treadmill and ended up half way across the gym, thank god it wasn't me!!! lol

Had a truly manic day had a couple of business meetings, did lots of lovely (?) housework and of course the gym, oooooh and found something amazing today, they are called collar bones and I haven't seen them for a number of years, I'm not quite sure where they have been hiding, but today they reappeared!!!

2 WW breakfast biscuits

Prawn dumplings
1 Pear

Small chicken breast wrapped in parma ham
Roasted Gnocchi

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