Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 101 - Ouch

After working so hard at the gym yesterday I knew I would be in trouble today and god was I, stupidly I put heals on for work and thought I would be ok.  Well by 10 I was looking a bit like a cross between bambi and dumbo, every step hurt, and each time I had to get up from my desk to go to the printer or talk to someone I loudly moaned!! I am sure people thought I was about 70!

I decided the only way to get better was to go back to the gym on the way home, well the swimming pool and spa to be precise.  I attempted to drive my car past the end of the hotel driveway but unfortunately it has a mind of its own and drove me straight in, parked itself and made me walk up the steps.  I did lots of swimming, and could actually feel the muscles relaxing, thank god.  Then treated myself to a lovely hot jacuzzi and then 5 mins in the steam room, boy I feel like a new woman now!  Well almost.

2 breakfast biscuits

Butternut squash, rocket and chick pea salad with crab
Muller light yoghurt

My own version of cheesy chips (I was craving them but wanted to stay in points)
200g of roasted gnocchi and 1oz of cheddar cheese
1 small glass of wine

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