Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 92 - all systems go

Hurrahhh although the estate agent called me this morning with a house in our ideal location, budget and size, we are not tempted and have signed contracts with our builder to begin work on the extension, and also to have him redo our bathroom and flooring in the kitchen and downstairs toilet and utility.  Its amazing I can't quite believe we are finally going to finish the house, and who knows we may even live in it for a while before putting it on the market!!!

Had another busy day, just occupying Lottie is a full time occupation, running around after her, taking her to ballet, painting, sticking, drawing, trying to get her to eat, still great fun and wouldn't change a thing.  She was an absolute star today and I loved every minute, she is just so funny, loveable and wonderful, although I would say that wouldnt I.

Wholemeal toast and 10g of reduced fat peanut butter

1 slice of Wholemeal bread
mushrooms, and dried crispy bacon strip (from M&S but only 2 points for 4 and they are delicious)

Homemade turkey burger with sage, garlic and onion
Sweet potato

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