Friday, 8 April 2011

Day 95 - Shattered

Have had a brilliant day but also exhausting as I just don't seem to have stopped.  Lottie had her best friend Emilia round to play this morning and demanded that they have a picnic in the sunshine, so before she arrived we needed to go shopping for picnic food (oh joy).  I thought i was very restrained as I didn't eat any of it and totally ignored the delicious looking and smelling pink cup cakes we brought back from the shops with us.

After they had finished playing we did some gardening and then headed of for the park where I pushed her for ages on the swing (great for the bingo wings) and then we walked along the river to try and find some hungry ducks, well someone had obviously beat us to it as they certainly didn't want much of our wholemeal bread.  Ok it was a little stale, but I am sure ducks weren't that fussy when I was a child.

Was going to go to the gym tonight but was exhausted and then Paul phoned to say there was an hour and a half delay on the M25 so would be late. 

wholemeal toast with peanut butter

Half a wholemeal bap with low fat humous and 4 grisini breadsticks
 Strawberries and grapes

Chicken Shashlic (chargrilled chicken, peppers and onions)
3 spoons of Chana Masala
2 small glasses of wine

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