Friday, 15 April 2011

day 102 - a lovely day

Had such a great day with Lottie today, she was in a fab mood and it just made me smile. We went swimming this morning and she is getting on really well, I was just holding her swimsuit really gently (the way my Mum used to) and she was swimming along, I am sure if I had let go she would have carried on, but I didn't want to push it,will try that next week.

Went shopping for some more gym clothes, I wanted a pair of jogging bottoms that didn't look like I had slept in them! Also if I am going to be running and cycling more I needed something a little less baggy!  Well I bought some expensive running pants, that are so close fitting they made Lottie laugh, oh well nothing ventured.  My fashion guru (Paul) checked them for me and said they were actually really good, so now I have the confidence to wear them outside of the house.

Had an evening off, but still pointed everything so feel very much in control, am loving losing this horrid fat!

1 banana with muller light yoghurt

Tortilla with prawns chilli jam and rocket
1 WW ginger biscuit

Chicken shashlick with 1 spoon of chana masala
3 glasses of wine
1 curly wurly

Anchovies - 2pps
4 breadsticks - 1pps yum yum yum

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  1. thats spooky, i just got in from the shops and read your post! i just bought some compression jogging pants too! great minds think alike!