Monday, 11 April 2011

Day 98 - Weigh in 14

Actually don't tell anyone but I weighed in yesterday as I knew I was not going to have any time this morning as I had to dash out to nursery and then straight into the office and I weigh in on my wii fit so it isn't a case of just stepping on the scales.  So I decided to sacrifice the extra day and get it over with.  Woooo hoooooo 3 pounds off, am absolutely delighted as this gave me my 5th 7 star and takes me to almost 15% loss.  Still have 13 pounds to go to hit my next goal by holiday at end of June, so please let me do that.

Decided today as I was in the office I would have no excuse to have a glass of water permenantly on the go on my desk, well it was great, but I was running to the toilet every 10 mins, oh well a bit of exercise is always good.

2 ww breakfast biscuits

Salad of rocket, butternut squash, chick peas, chilli and 1 leerdammer light slice
Muller light yoghurt

Cod wrapped in parma ham
Roasted gnocchi
Green beans
Pear with choc yoghurt and a crumbled up funsize crunchie a huge 5 point desert but my treat for doing so well this week.

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  1. Yay well done lady - 5 silver 7s!!! I'm 1/2 off my 5th silver 7, I wanted it today but not to be... well done well done xxx