Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 96 - I can cope

Feel really proud of myself when I can actually cope with going out for lunch without blowing things.  We popped into Windsor to do some shopping and stopped for lunch, went to Ha ha which is one of my faves, and what did I have, did I have calamari, humous and lots of yummy pitta bread, or creamy risotto, or chips, no I had chicken and chorizo salad with no dressing, was soooooooooooooo yummy though.  Well Ben Shepherd who was sitting directly behind me seemed to think so, ooooh he is a bit yummy too.  Of course I didn't recognise him, but then I never do, maybe thats why I am seldom starstruck, because I just don't know who they are!?

Lottie had her photo taken professionally today as a test for a studio slot we have booked in the next couple of months.  I wasn't sure how she would take to it as she can be really shy, but I needn't have worried she was fab and had everyone cooing and fussing over her in minutes, the pics were brilliant too.  This I think prompted Paul (who is a great photographer) to update his kit and he bought a new camera and home lighting studio, so I am sure we will have cute photos of Lottie all over the place now!

Home produced rhubarb with yoghurt

Chicken and Chorizo salad with 1oz of daughter's chips

Pork medalions with mushrooms
Roasted butternut squash
Funsize Crunchie
2 glasses of Brown Brothers Tarrango, - absolutely love this, try it if you fancy a chilled red in the summer, it is totally delicious, Thank you Aunty Jean for introducing my Mum to it last time she was in Australia.

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  1. Come to Australia for a holiday, do a few days in Melbourne and I'll take you to brown brothers! Then on to Tassie ( they don't have big ugly spiders in Tassie) holiday sorted! No need to pay for accommodation!