Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 104 - Ringing the Changes

Ok a corny title for what has been a beautiful day.  My lovely husband took me out today to choose an eternity ring.  He has always said he would do it when he thought the time was right, and apparently that was today.  He had actually suggested it a couple of weeks ago but I hadn't believed him!! Silly girl.  So we went to Tunbridge Wells to what we call "our jeweller" as he has made all the jewellery Paul has ever bought for me, from my engagement ring, to our wedding bands, earings, wedding necklace etc, and as always he has come up trumps.   We spotted it as soon as we walked through the door, it matches my engagement ring perfectly.  Just can't wait to get it made for me now, we tweaked a couple of things to personalise it and it should be ready in about 3 weeks, god I am such a lucky lucky woman.

We then went to late lunch at Mum and Dad inlaws which as always was lovely, sitting out in their garden is just so peaceful, it backs straight on to the grounds of the Manor house and so is not overlooked and they keep it beautifully so it is so tranquil.  Have to confess to consuming a little too much bubbly, but only to keep Mum in law company obviously, however it was all pointed so very happy.

Hovis with peanut butter

a bite of Charlotte's sandwich and a coffee latte (didn't want to spoil appetite for dinner)

Roast garlic chicken
2 potatoes
fruit salad

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