Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 97 - Non Stop

Can't believe how busy or how fast the day went today.  After being up in the night with Lottie and eventually getting in to her bed with her just so I could grab some sleep (all of which went entirely unnoticed by hubby), we were up and out early to Sunday school, what a good girl am I?  Lottie really enjoys it, and of course I am not doing it to get her into the right school!

Came home and worked tirelessly in the garden which now less resembles a jungle and looks more like an actual garden complete with flowers and veg plot. I then hung out washing, cleaned out guinea pigs and did more weeding.  Lottie helped me to plant lots of things which she loves, and then helped Daddy to wash the conservatory roof which resulted in them both getting absolutely soaked.  Daddy then took Lottie to the park for an hour whilst I did the ironing and cooked spaghetti bolognese (Lottie's fave).  Finally managed to relax in the bath at 7.00 for half hour before getting out and cooking dinner yet again!  Phew glad I am working tomorrow, may actually get a bit of a rest.

2 breakfast biscuits

humous and breadsticks
1/2 a wrap with low cheese and sweet chilli

Squid and chorizo with roasted butternut squash, asparagus and green beans
WW toffee mallow biscuit
Glass of wine.  (thank's Barb for the offer of a trip to Melbourne to buy more, would love to, but think I may just have to pop to Waitrose in the meantime. xxx)

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