Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 93 - totally tropical

To wake up and see sunshine is such a lovely sight, to realise that some of your summer clothes actually now fit is even nicer!  I spent the first half an hour of the day deciding what to wear for my meeting in Barcelona tomorrow, and then the next 6 hours trying to reschedule it as the client has decided to move the meeting, arrrggghhh, oh well thats how it goes sometimes, at least it means that I can enjoy the sunshine at home tomorrow, planning to shoot off to the gym and then spend the day gardening.

Had to cope with a major tantrum from Charlotte, she hasn't had one for ages and then decided she would melt down today, they really really upset me as she is such a lovely happy little girl that when she is screaming at me it rips me apart.  Spotted some chocolate in the fridge and was just about to hoover it up, when my willpower kicked in and I stopped, eating your way out of upset is not the way!

2 breakfast biscuits

Tortilla wrap with low fat leerdammer and sweet chilli jam
walkers square crisps
1 pear

Sea bass fillet
posh mushy peas

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