Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day 88 - NCT

Had a fantastic night out with the NCT girls, hence no post, sorry, very late back and a little tipsy!

Wasn't hungry all day so didn't really eat which meant the first glass of prosecco (and the second and third) hit the spot perfectly!

Was so lovely to see all the girls again and help to celebrate Justina's 40th, she took our humourous presents with very good grace, even the rude ones.

I was quite restrained with eating, but probably did drink rather too much but as my lovely husband says, you have to still live your life and enjoy things.  So rare to get an evening out, I certainly did that.

Wholemeal toast

nothing (did have a bowl of homemade butternut squash soup though about 5pm)

3 pieces of calamari
5 olives
Nicoise salad
piece of birthday cake
too much wine!

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