Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 107 - Sickness

God what a horrendous night.  About 6 months ago I started getting really bad sickness each month and went for lots of tests to thankfully find out there was nothing wrong with me, went on to some tablets and everything seemed fine.  Well tablets finished last week and the sickness has come back with avengence, here was I blaming Zumba for making me feel so dreadful, however I am sure that not even Zumba makes you projectile vomit (sorry too much info) So all in all had only 3 hours sleep last night and still feel pretty rotten today, so a trip back to the doctor is called for.  So forgive today's very odd menu, all pointed but a bit weird and not really split into meals as eaten at strange times.

1 banana
2 breakfast biscuits
slice of toast with leerdammer light slice
3 rich tea biscuits
200g of roasted gnocchi

1 comment:

  1. Get well soon x x hope it's just s little bug x x