Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 38 - Resisting Temptation

Had a very busy work day today chairing another sales meeting with another client, and helping them plan
their next quarter strategy, very intense which was great, the fact it took place in a hotel with lots of yummy food on tap, not so great.  Started with coffee and gave my biscuits away, then moved on to lunch where everyone else enjoyed club sandwiches and chips and I had a nicoise salad with no dressing.  God those chips smelt good, but no, I resisted.  How come though the only people who actually ate the chips were the slim ones! go figure!  Have to say that one of the girls who ordered club sandwich and chips, did leave half of the bread and the crisps the sandwich came with, I think that's the key reason she is slim, she stopped when she was full.  I just know I could not have done that, I would have had to have finished all sandwich, crisps and chips, so know that until I have a full change of mind, I cannot risk temptation.

Went home and packed a birthday parcel for my best friend who lives in New York, he has lived out there for years now and I still miss him.  So to give him a taste of home, I sent all sorts of British goodies, from his favourite walkers crisps, to digestives, and dairy milk bars, and believe it or not I wrapped and packed them all without picking at a single one. I was going to go to New York for the weekend, but can't cope with being away from Lottie for three nights, silly I know, but thats the way it goes.  I will try and get out to see him later in the year.


Nicoise Salad

WW pizza

2 richtea biscuits

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