Monday, 14 February 2011

Day 42- weigh in number 6

Woke up in bed surrounded by teddies and looking at a fairy lampshade, only to remember that no I hadn't taken too many magic mushrooms, I was actually in my daughter's bed and she was in mine!!! hmmm having a sick poppet is trying indeed.  I am so tired I feel like a zombi and remember now just what it was like having a new born.  So i crept downstairs before she woke.  Husband had already stepped on the scales and lost another pound so the pressure was really on.  And......................... another 3lbs off, thats 20lbs now, god I am so so pleased.  I feel great but can't say I notice a huge difference in my shape yet, oh well hopefully that will come. 

I really have to drink more water and do some exercise this week, however today has not gone well as I have been running around after a sick little girly who is every bit as dramatic about things as her Mummy! She does seem a little better though so fingers crossed.  She was supposed to be having her immunisation booster jabs tomorrow but I have delayed them for a couple of weeks as she needs time to build her immune system back, and for us to recover before another round of sleepless nights.

Lovely husband who totally does not believe in flowers or valentines day, brought home flowers and a really special card, I am so lucky to have him and love him totally and utterly.

Wholemeal Toast

tortilla wrap with chicken and low fat leerdammer

Scallops wrapped in parma ham
WW blackberry and apple pudding
1 very small glass of wine.

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