Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 56 - Weigh in Number 8

Woo hooo another 3 pounds off, taking my total to 25 pounds, so got my 25 Star.  I am so so chuffed as I felt like I had lost last week and would have been gutted if i hadn't.  Just want to stay on this track, I can honestly say I am enjoying every minute, discovering new recipes and adapting them, and looking forward to being slim again!  Going on holiday in 3 weeks, only a long weekend but I am a little concerned about how I am going to cope.  Fortunately it is Centre Parcs so will be doing lots of exercise, and I can cook for us if I can't face going out.  To be honest its not the food that really tempts me at all, its the wine, I do love a nice glass, or three!

Slice of toast with leerdammer light cheese slice

Prawn Dumplings
WW cheese crackers
WW caramel mallow wafers (god they are yummy although only 1 point, wish I hadn't bought them as could easily eat the packet!)

Squid, chickpea and chorizo salad
Fruit salad

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