Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 54 - to buy a new car or to not buy a new car

Yes we are back to that old question and so went out again to have a look and I have finally realised that the only ones i actually like are completely inpractical.  Really like the Audi A4 convertible and looked at several today, but they are just not going to work as I can't actually open the door wide enough on our drive to get Lottie in.  Did consider how long it would take to retract the roof every morning and pop her in that way, but decided against it!!  Going to stick with what i have at the moment and be happy with it.

Lottie fell asleep this afternoon which is really not like her, but unfortunately that meant that she really did not want to go to sleep tonight and infact didn't until 9.30, so dinner was a little late!

Having the inlaws over tomorrow for Sunday lunch and am going to have my willpower tested as my Mother in law loves a glass or bottle of wine and always brings really good ones.  I have been careful with points though to ensure i have most of my 49 left incase I need them.

Wholemeal toast with marmite

Spicy butternut squash soup with calamari
Packet of walkers french fry crisps

Prawn dumplings
Gnocchi and Asparagus
Cadburys finger of fudge
1 glass of wine

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