Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 45 - Eaten Too Much

Ok I haven't really eaten too much everything was within my points, but somehow it just seems wrong to have had crisps, a fudge and 2 glasses of wine and still say you are on a diet.  I now feel stuffed, but it was good as I was having a few cravings today and I seem to have addressed these now.  Bought a new shirt today, couldn't resist it, it doesn't fit and probably wont until I have lost another 20 pounds, but it is a great incentive.

Went to check out a potential school for Lottie today, can't believe she will be going next year, where has the time gone.

2 digestive hovis

Bagel with humous
Packet of french fry crisps

WW pizza with asparagus and mushroom
Meringue nest with strawberries
2 glasses of wine

1 cadbury's fudge

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