Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 50 - half a century!

I take today as a landmark day, can't believe it has been 50 days since I started my quest to fitness and to find my waist!!  It has gone so quickly lets hope the next 50 days pass as quickly and as successfully.

Had a lovely day with Lottie today just spending time together, she is so fab, just makes me laugh and is always so full of cuddles.  Do they really have to grow up???

Did some cooking today and thought I would try the diet coke chicken that people had been raving about on WW, it sounds horrid but I decided I would give it a go, although Paul turned his nose up at it!  I didn't have any tabasco sauce so put in a whole chopped red chilli, and wow did it have the decided effect.  The whole thing was delicious, only problem is I am so full now I just feel guilty even though everything I have eaten has been within my points.

crumpet with marmite

Rocket salad with butternut squash, green beans, prawns and calamari (not the breaded kind)
Meringue nest, with half pot of muller light yoghurt and strawberries

Diet coke chicken with 50g rice
Courgette, onion, mushrooms (loads)
Curly Wurly

40g of olives and anchovies
1 banana

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