Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 43 - emotional and stressful

A dreadful day today, after being up half the night, well ok most of it, it was really obvious that Charlotte was rather ill.  She just wanted to lie on me, had a very high temperature and just wasn't herself at all.  by lunchtime i decided enough was enough and i would go back to the doctors.  And surprise surprise they found out she had a raging ear infection, poor little love, no wonder she has been so unwell.  She is now on antibiotics and hopefully will pick up soon.  I can't believe i was actually tempted today to just eat chocolate to feel better, I was so upset.  I realise now why my eating got so out of control, it was comfort eating pure and simple.  Was so proud of myself today for resisting, however I was holding an upset 3 year old for most of it, so not much eating could be done.  Hoping against hope for a sleep tonight, well I can dream can't I?

To make me feel a bit better I did decide to do some cooking though, as I always find this de stresses me.  I thought I would try a recipe I learnt to cook at Rick Stein's cookery school, but adapt it to remove some of the fat, and it was delicious.  What do you think. Squid, Chorizo, Chickpea salad! Yum Yum Yum

Crumpet with honey

WW bagel with prawns
2 hovis digestives

Squid, Chorizo and chickpea salad
Yoghurt and raspberries

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