Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day 47 - Lettuce Leaves

Didn't realise my eating habits were so strange but according to many people they are!!!  I decided to just have fruit for breakfast and then a light lunch.  However we were out for lunch at lunchtime and I wasn't sure what to have.  We had popped out to Mercedes world, Lottie loves it and Paul is contemplating whether I need a new car (yes please) so we stopped for Lottie to climb in and out of cars and pretend she was driving and Mummy to lust after the convertibles.  Time was ticking on so we decided to stop for lunch and the food there is really really good, I however decided I wanted a classic ceasar salad but with no dressing.  Paul said "are you sure, thats just a bowl of lettuce with some parmesan" after a 10 minute debate I assured him that yes that was what I wanted.  He then went to order and the waitress said "are you sure, that's just a bowl of lettuce with some parmesan", I assured her yes that is what I wanted, and she shrugged and went away.  Ten minutes later the maitre de came over and said, "are you sure there is nothing I can get for your salad, some chicken perhaps as its just a bowl of lettuce with some parmesan" arrrrgggghhh, we eventually settled on some balsamic vinegar, however when it arrived it had croutons, loads of cheese and some parma ham crisped up on top!!!! lol  Guess eating simply is not that easy after all.

Banana and grapes

The classic caesar salad!!!! lol

Prawn dumplings gnocchi, posh mushy peas
Meringue nest with raspberries and yoghurt

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