Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 44 - Light at the end of the tunnel

Ok I think a certain little princess is on the mend, or rather I hope so, actually managed to sleep from 12-3 and 4-6.30 last night, hurrahhhhhhh!  She's still not eating very much but I guess she will when she is properly better.  We had a lazy morning and then popped to the shops where she convinced me a trip to the toy shop was absolutely essential, great negotiation skills!

Went swimming this evening with one of my very good friends, it was lovely to relax, do a little exercise but mostly just chat and catch up on things.  She's very good at putting things in perspective and knows me very well so its nice just to be able to say whatever and let it all out.  Thanks Dana.

Home to cook dinner for husband and still have time to sit down before another sleepless night!

I know its really bad but 1 cup of coffee

Bagel with prawns
Rice Krispy Square

Pork medalions with honey and mustard
Green Beans
Curly Wurly!  woooo hooooo

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