Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 52 - busy girl

I'm writing my blog early today as I strongly suspect I will not be able to use my arms later!!  I had a very intense hour at the gym this morning followed by 2 hours of ironing this afternoon and I'm shattered.  Its a good feeling as I have been meaning to do a bit more activity and finally found the time to do it today and fit it round a full days work too!

Told a friend today about my reflexology idea and he raved about it said it was very me and thought it was a brilliant thing to do.  Cool thanks Dave, feel better now as when I told my Mum she just said "oh"  So I am guessing she wasn't very impressed!  Never mind I will win her round.

Lottie wants to make cupcakes tomorrow(arrggghhhh temptation) so I am looking for a WW recipe, she will never know the difference (much) and she can always ice hers and leave a plain one for me.

Hubby out tonight so I get control of the remote, fish pie and a glass of wine, gosh how rock and roll is my life!

ashamed to admit but 2 rich tea biscuits and coffee whilst dashing out to gym

Snack sushi, prawns and Velvet Crunch crisps (like rice cakes and very yummy)
Sugar free jelly

WW fish pie, asparagus
Red wine

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