Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day 41 - still shattered

No one with children should really be overweight, you don't have time to eat and the second you sit down they ask for something and you need to jump up, you don't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and being lazy is something you did pre pregnancy!! oh ok, maybe I am just feeling a little sorry for myself as Lottie is still sick and Paul and I are still exhausted.  Had so many plans for the weekend and none of them have happened, well apart from ridding the house of baby clutter, no there will be no more additions to our family, other than maybe a dog!  We are very very happy being a family of 3.I can't imagine being anything else now, and I know people have their views on only children, but we like it.  Ok off my soap box.  Its weigh day tomorrow and I am dreading it, I haven't cheated at all this week but I have undereaten, not exercised much and not drank enough water so it may just show, oh well lets weight or wait and see!!

Slice wholemeal toast

Tortilla wrap with low fat cheese and ham
Packet of quavers

Roast chicken breast wrapped in one slice of parma ham
Butternut squash
Green Beans
Yoghurt with banana and crushed meringue

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