Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 15 - Weigh Hay day

Well today was weigh day and I was a bit scared (to put it mildly) stepping on the scales, although I knew I had been good all week I was still scared as my body is a bit funny and I can have a week of being so strict with myself and then not lose anything.  So whilst Charlotte was lounging in Mummy and Daddy's bed watching Peppa Pig, I sneaked downstairs, I don't really want her to know I am dieting as I don't want her growing up with a thing about food.  Well I stepped on and had lost 4 pounds, which was fab, I thought it was 9, but inadvertently I had not saved my last weigh in, nearly had heart failure, then remembered.

Spent the rest of the day running after Charlotte, she told me to stop what I was doing at one point, and look at her, I asked why and she said "I'm growing" She comes out with the funiest things sometimes.  I couldn't help but smile and hug her, she is just so fab.

Took her to ballet, she loves it, I only wish I could look as elegant as she does, hmmm maybe one day!


small bowl of coco pops and skimmed milk

2 slices wholemeal bread with turkey and a low fat cheese slice
Roasted tomatoes
1 bag of quavers
2 clementines

Skinless chicken breast wrapped in slice of parma ham
handful of roasted gnocchi
Asparagus spears
Balsamic glaze
Low fat yoghurt

1 low fat digestive
1 weight watchers almond slice

Phew feel like I have eaten a lot today, need to get to the gym tomorrow, going to try and juggle it round client meetings and nursery pick up drop off, and ........ arrrgh not going to work will have to go tomorrow evening.

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