Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 24 - Comments, some kind, some not!

Whilst I have a number of clients, some of which I work for remotely, it was to a long standing one that I went today, and into the office I hadn't been in since October.  It was lovely to see some old friends, and I was dying to see one in particular who has just lost 3.5 stones with weightwatchers and was one of my inspirations.  Unfortunately she wasn't in the office today and when I asked her colleague how fab she looks as she must surely do, the very skinny colleague (and I feel this is important) said, "well yes she's lost a bit of weight so I guess she must"  I nearly hit her.  The girl has lost 3.5 stone doesn't she realise how amazing this is or how hard it has been for her, god these people who are naturally thin just don't get it do they!!  OK rant over. 
The nice comment I got was from someone there who asked had a lost weight and said i looked so healthy, wow weee!!!! 

Finished work and headed straight for the gym which was a struggle as I only managed 3 hours sleep last night as Charlotte has a cold and was up for most of it, poor love.  Managed to run for 1.5 minutes then walk for 1 and run for another 1.5 and it wasn't as hard as last week, so lets hope I can just improve it a little each week.

Rice krispy square
1 banana

Prawn Salad with olives - no dressing, no nothing really

Quorn fillets in spicy tomato and olive sauce
ww treat
Very small glass of wine.

People will notice I eat a lot of gnocchi, so its time to share a tip I learnt which makes it fab.
Take a handful of fresh gnocchi and put it straight on a baking tray (no need to boil it first) squirt with frylight 1 cal oil spray and put in hot oven for 15 mins, bingo, mini roast potatoes for only 5 points, yum yum yum!

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