Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 27 - Cupcakes and Chocolate

Beginning to feel a bit better today and after a lovely lie in (thank you darling) I spent the day playing with Lottie, and tidying the house.  How can a family of 3 make such a mess in a week, still seems bizarre to be tidying up before the cleaner comes, but don't want anyone seeing the mess that we happily make!

Lottie wanted to make cupcakes this afternoon with Mummy's new mixer and strangely enough my willpower was so strong I didn't even feel a flicker of temptation, even when I let her put choc chips in them and then cover them in milk chocolate.  After dinner she asked if she could choose which one she would like, and gosh just like her Mummy she picked the one with the most chocolate on!  Paul had one and insisted I did, saying I must surely have enough spare points to sit down and enjoy one, he made me feel quite guilty for not having one, so I sat down and took one bite and just didn't enjoy it at all, it tasted very sweet and felt very wrong, so I made him eat mine!  I just think that if I want to use extra points I want to use them for something I really enjoy, like a glass of wine.

Can't believe the weekend is over already, in the office tomorrow and out for lunch with my client, so need to resist temptation again!! arrrrggghhh!!!

Crumpet and honey

Tortilla wrap with prawns and low fat cheese slice
Walkers french fry crisps

Pork medalions with honey and mustard
Carrots, parsnips
Small potato
glass of red wine

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