Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 18 - Coffee and cake without the cake!

Had a lovely day today, meeting up with friends and their children and meeting baby Arabella for the first time.  Now there is something you should know about Arabella's Mummy, Bea.  We all call her super woman as she manages to juggle so many things and is a wonderful cook, and always bakes fresh muffins or cakes when we go to her house for coffee.  Today however another good friend had called her in advance and put in a request for no cakes, as 3 of the four people going today were doing weightwatchers! Some may think this was sad, I think it was genius, and therefore we were met with a giant bowl of fruit salad which we happily tucked into without guilt!!

My good friend Jaime also a fellow weightwatcher gave me a birthday present of a WW selection box, which looks just like a box of chocs and treats but each individually wrapped treat is just 2 points, which is brilliant.  Definitely having one tonight, even Paul looked over my shoulder and asked what he could have, that shows you how good they look!

Off to the spa tomorrow for my Birthday treat, I absolutely can't wait!!!!

Wholemeal toast with low fat butter

Bagel with hardboiled egg and low fat mayonnaise
bag of french fry crisps
rich tea biscuit

Smoked haddock with herb crust
Roasted courgette and carrot

fruit salad
WW chocolate and orange bar

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