Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day 22 - Holiday Plans

Thoughts have begun to turn towards holidays and what we are going to do this year and I have to confess to being slightly excited by the prospect that I may not look quite as much like a beached whale as I did last summer.  It has really pushed me on.  I bought a new top from Monsoon the other day in 2 sizes smaller and am determined to be in it by the summer.  its been my dream to be one of those girls you see in fitted t-shirts and straight leg trousers, or denim skirts in the summer, however maybe that is a dream for next year!

1 slice wholemeal Toast
low fat leerdammer cheese slice

bagel with prawns, mushrooms and creme fraiche (loved it so much yesterday thought I would have it again)
2 satsumas

Chicken breast with honey and mustard
Low fat yoghurt

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