Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day 19 - Relaxation Time

Had a lovely day today with my husband just chilling at the spa.  Had a wonderful massage and I am sure what was a lovely facial, I, however, wouldn't know as I slept through most of it! and only woke myself up at the end by snoring!!!!  It was so nice to spend some quality time together though and relax from the stresses of everyday life for a while.

Lunch was interesting I had decided to order the chicken caesar salad without the dressing and try to avoid the bread!  When lunch arrived however it was so small I thought they had just sent a starter.  I don't actually think I have ever seen a salad that small, and to see Paul's face was a treat, we both just laughed.  I had one small piece of bread and Paul proceeded to eat the whole basket, including the basket!!!  We then had fruit platter which was equally small, no risk of wasting any points there then!

When we had finished our day we went back to Mum in laws, to have dinner and collect Charlotte.  Charlotte was so excited because she had helped to decorate the house with balloons and had made me my favourite desert, blackberry and apple crumble, and had made cup cakes complete with pink candles, soooo sweet.

I managed to avoid desert by saying I was full from lunch (ha) and asked if I could take a cup cake home and enjoy it later (Paul will eat it).  Also managed to avoid the mash with the sausages and loose a few onto Pauls plate, so even with having 2 glasses of champagne I am still within my point allowance!! hurrahhhhhh a success.

1 banana
Chicken caesar salad, no dressing (no anything really)
1 slice wholemeal bread - no butter
Fruit Platter
Sausage and mash - well 4 chipolata sausages with lots of vegetables
1 Apple
2 glasses of champagne

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