Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 16 - Mummy sees Red!

What does it feel like to see your gorgeous daughter hit over the head by a nasty little boy with a toy car and then not be able to string the little brat up!! Difficult thats how!  Yes I went to pick Charlotte up from nursery and witnessed the whole thing, how the boy escaped with his life is beyond me.  I told him in a very firm voice that he had been very naughty and it was a horrible thing to do, and then while I tried to calm a very upset little girl, they ushered him into another room, obviously frighted I was about to throttle him.  Unlike her Mummy Charlotte does not really stand up to people, so Daddy is proposing that she goes to Judo when she is older, which I think is a great idea, no one will mess with her then.

Other than that episode it was a good day, I worked hard and then managed to fit in an hour at the gym before collecting Charlotte.  My Birthday tomorrow,but I am determined to to stick to my plan and not eat badly.  

Having a fitness assesment at the gym tomorrow so that they can see how much of my body is made up of fat, not sure I want to know precisely, I could hazard a guess, most of it!!! lol Oh well will let you know how I get on.

1 slice wholemeal toast - no butter
1 poached egg

bagel with tuna and low fat mayonnaise
bag of french fry crisps

Weightwatchers pizza
Butternut squash

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