Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 17 - Birthday Girl

So who was more excited about my birthday today, me, or the little girl who came running into me at 6.30 singing Happy Birthday to Mummy!!!  Gosh I am so lucky to have Charlotte, she is amazing and melts my heart constantly.  She leapt on the bed and proceeded to open my cards and presents for me (just helping you Mummy!)  then Daddy brought a very large one in and asked Charlotte to help me open it, when the paper came off it revealed a portrait of Lottie that Daddy had commissioned an artist to paint, I was speechless (and for those of you who know me really well, will know how unlikely that is) it was breathtakingly beautiful and captured all her cheekiness.  It is going to hang in our bedroom and that's where it is now, so I have been running up and down the stairs all day just to sneak another look at it.  Great exercise.

Even though its a special day, I decided to try and stick to the diet, although at lunchtime I nearly blew it.  I went for my fitness assessment and was told I was 50% fat, yikes, should be somewhere between 25-30% so have a lot to get rid of.  When I came out of the gym I was feeling a bit low, not sure why, and imagined how nice it would be to go out for a leisurely lunch and enjoy!  I got into the car and went straight home for fear of being tempted to put my head in a bowl of cheesy chips!!

New wine chiller/fridge today, so good excuse to fill it now!  and also my new jeans from Boden, however they don't fit, so bit disappointed, oh well I guess the next goal can be to get into them.

Now waiting for hubby and child to come home from Grandmas.  I need cuddles.

very small bowl of frosties
1 bagel with tuna and mayo
1 bag of Frency fry crips
Grilled salmon fillet
Asparagus spears
handful of gnocchi
Glass of wine!  well I had to

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  1. Happy birthday x x
    Turn your thinking are at 50% you want to be at 30% so you only need to lose 20% (sounds more doable!) focus on the 20%.. new mantra... wow I only need to lose 20%